Hulu has finally dropped the first teaser trailer for its upcoming series, The Handmaid’s Tale, and it is intense.

If you haven’t encountered it yet, the story is based on Margaret Atwood’s piece of speculative fiction of the same name, set in a future in which pollution and society’s developments has left the bulk of the population unable to produce children. The story unfolds within a fanatical dictatorship, in which the remaining fertile women are segregated and used as breeders for the upper class.

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The novel itself is a classic in my eyes and it wholly deserves a spot between Orwell and Huxley on the shelf of great works of dystopia. At its heart, Atwood essentially offers us a study of power and how it is able to shape the agency of an individual, a topic often explored and probed by feminists and gender theorists. Therefore Hulu’s decision to take on the story as a 10-episode serieswill be highly anticipated by many, particularly after a 1990 feature film representation from Harold Pinter fell somewhat short of what Atwood’s narrative deserved.

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In this first-look teaser trailer, released last week, we are thrown into the story with dramatically lit scenes peppered with an unmistakable motif of a deep blood-red. Within the few shots we are given, tension is built as our protagonist Offred (literally Of Fred) and the other Handmaids are pulled and dragged across our screens. The appearance and introduction of Samira Wiley as the supporting actress for the series will particularly excite fans of Orange Is The New Black, after the excellent and gut-wrenching performance she gave at the end of the programme’s last season. The Handmaid’s Tale is a big one to take on, but it looks like Hulu may be fit for the challenge. What’s more, for its themes of equality and gender, there may be no better audience than those watching in 2017.

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You have a few months before the series begins, which gives you plenty of time to get your teeth into the novel.

You can watch the trailer below:

Imogen Reid
Thursday 12 January 2017